Registrar office

All is not well with the registry office at the collector’s premises in Indore

Hundreds of people are facing problems at the Registrar’s office at the Indore Collector’s premises as they have to wait for hours for their turn to get documentation from their register.

The major problems are encountered by women and the elderly who come to the registry office. There are 5 sub registrar offices in this hall where people were free to go anywhere or to any registry office for their registry documentation and especially where less crowded but now the district registrar administration has ordered people from different tehsils to go to one registrar office, this results in a long queue and hours of waiting for people to do their register and sometimes, when the time is up, they have to come back again another day.

Indore district is spread over 3 tehsils, Mhow, Depalpur and Sanwer tehsils. The periphery of Indore district is connected with all these tehsil areas and many settlements appear in this tehsil area. For this, both the buyer and the seller go to the registry office located at the campus of the Indore collection office. But now the government has set up a sub-registration office for people coming from Mhow Depalpur and Sanwer tehsils. Therefore, there is a long queue in one office and the other 4 offices are empty and have very little work.

Inspector General of Registration Amit Rathod told the Pioneer that it was the old order of the government to have the various tehsils registered in a registration office and over this there was also a dispute in Khandwa, so we enforced this order strictly but in the case of Indore because it is a big densely populated city I will look at Indore and see how many records are from different tehsil offices and then take further action .

District Registrar Balkrishna Mourya told The Pioneer that we are looking at attendance and number of registries from different areas of tehsil and if we find that there is a long queue at one office, we will allow different offices. from sub-register to also start the register of different tehsil. People said that due to the corona virus, experts suggest that there should be no large gathering and large crowd formation as it is now a large day-long crowd prevailing in the venue. The registration and therefore the registry documentation of the different tehsils should be open to the sub-registrar as before.