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Missing witness signatures and pending ballots pile up at Roanoke Registrar’s office

ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) – As of Saturday night, early voting officially ended in Virginia and the general election is just days away.

The City of Roanoke Registrar’s office currently has around 900 ballots outstanding while nearly 100 ballots are missing a witness signature. The Chief Electoral Officer says now is the time to act.

“It’s imperative that you get it in case something might happen on the same day or whatever. I don’t want any excuses that could interfere with my ability to get my vote, ”said early voter Monica Cabblar.

It may be too late for an early vote, but you can still make sure your vote gets sent out if you don’t plan to vote in person.

(Photo: Amanda Lee / WFXR News)

According to Chief Electoral Officer Andrew Cochran, “If you have a ballot that you did not return, drop it off at our office. Or on polling day, in the drop boxes please.

If you have received a notice that a witness signature is missing, the Registrar’s office can help.

“If they get the message and they come in, they can ask any of the people here to see them sign again,” Cochran said.

(Photo: Amanda Lee / WFXR News)

If you plan to vote in person, the registrar’s office points out that you need two forms of identification, including valid identification and something showing your legal name and address, such as an invoice or statement. Your voter confirmation notice can also be used as a piece of identification.

The Roanoke registrar’s office has seen nearly 8,000 people stop by to vote at the advance poll. So far, the office has processed 2,600 postal ballots.

If you send your ballot, it must be postmarked before Tuesday, November 2 and received by noon on Friday, November 5. For more information on voting in Virginia on Election Day, follow this link.

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