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VATGPB8876 – VAT Government and Public Bodies – HMRC internal manual

Registry Office The legal fee for a ceremony at the Civil Status Office is a non-commercial activity and outside the scope of VAT. Approved premises An Approved Premise is an Authorized Hall, which includes rooms inside the Registrar’s Offices, sometimes referred to as Disused Rooms, but excluding the Statutory Marriage Hall itself. Local authorities in […]

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Allahabad University will reopen to faculty and staff from February 2

After remaining closed since January 9 this year, Allahabad University (AU) will reopen at full capacity for teachers, civil servants and staff from February 2. However, the courses will continue to take place in online mode only. The UA Registrar, Prof. NK Shukla, issued a new notification on Friday in which he informed that the […]

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Why Registering Property at Pune Sub-Registrar Office is a Two-Day Affair

PUNE Overcrowding and long queues at the Sub Registrar’s offices have continued leaving citizens wishing to register property or register certificates related to other matters in a state of desperation. To make matters worse, the perennial problem of “down servers” has still not been resolved, despite the ministry being responsible for large sums of money […]

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DVAC seizes 1.94 lakh at the Deputy Registrar’s office in Vellore

In a surprise check, detectives from the Vellore Unit of the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Directorate (DVAC) seized ₹ 1.94 lakh in unrecorded cash at the Velapadi Deputy Registrar’s office in Vellore Thursday. In addition to the cash, which was seized mainly from the toilets and storerooms of the office, documents were also seized during the […]

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The office of the Deputy Registrar changes address

For more than a decade, Konnur’s sub-registry office has been a challenge to those who travel there. It was either a matter of locating it, or spending one’s time there, or both. Before the lockdown, it was considerably better than before, as the office was located on the first floor of a shopping complex on […]

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Registrar’s office open after month-long hiatus | Madurai News

Madurai: After a month-long hiatus, all District Registrar and Sub-Registrar offices were opened on Monday after permission from the state government. However, only a few people showed up to take advantage of the service. Registration of properties and agreements has been blocked due to lockdown. This resulted in the unavailability of the stamp papers necessary […]

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All is not well with the registry office at the collector’s premises in Indore

Hundreds of people are facing problems at the Registrar’s office at the Indore Collector’s premises as they have to wait for hours for their turn to get documentation from their register. The major problems are encountered by women and the elderly who come to the registry office. There are 5 sub registrar offices in this […]