Registrar office

The threat of fake challans creeps into Kadapa’s deputy registrar’s office

KADAPA: The threat of false challans now haunts the Kadapa Stamps and Records department. A case was registered at the Rims police station following a complaint filed by officials from the office of the deputy registrar of the city of Kadapa.

According to reliable sources, challans with a face value of Rs 200 seem to be circulating on a large scale. This came about when the Deputy Registrar took a deep look at the fee payment for a document. According to preliminary information, it is believed that over Rs 10 lakh of fake challans have been recorded so far.

No work can be done in the offices of the Urban and Rural Deputy Registrar without the intervention of agents. The government has taken steps to allow buyers and sellers to register directly without having to work with document writers. Only sellers and witnesses are allowed to enter the registrar. However, not a single recording takes place anywhere without agents. This situation was exploited by the agents, who created fake challans.

It was during a document review on August 3 that the Deputy Registrar found that the plaintiff had paid Rs 200 less. He told the person to submit a challan for the amount to cover the shortfall. When he did it in a jiffy, the Alert Deputy Registrar became suspect. Upon careful examination, he discovered that it was a fake challan. Later, a department official said the person who created fake challans has been identified and is under investigation.

“We are looking at how long these have been in circulation. We have filed a complaint with the police, ”said a senior official. Kadapa Rims Inspector Yerru Narendra Reddy said: “We are investigating and will know all the details soon.”